My name is Juanita Santos and you could say I’m responsible forĀ  relaunching Many years back in around 2010 I found Ethnic Beauty Central and just fell for it because to be honest there wernt many sites around that specificially targeted ethnic women.

Ever since that day when I found Ethnic Beauty Central I have been hooked and was coming back all the time for more articles and tips relating to cosmetic products. But in 2012 the site went down at this time there were many other sites similar to Ethnic Beauty Central and I use to visit those regulary as well. I always wanted to run a beauty site that mainly targets ethnic women and now this is me actually taking action.

I edited and expanded the old good articles that you could find on Ethnic Beauty Central and plan on adding more articles towards this niche. I also plan on opening a forum section on the site as well but this is when I have more writers to help me out.