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Latina BeautyWelcome to the Latina Beauty section of Ethnic Beauty Central. Based on my experiences I must say that Latina beauty has to be the one if not most exotic form of ethnic beauty out there. Most Latina women I know never take it simple when it comes to cosmetics and fashion it’s not about being safe it about what feels good. Sometimes it might not really work but most Latina women don’t mind that because when the look or style works you can see it in their confidence.

One of the cores of Latina beauty come from taking full advantage of their full lips and nice naturally tanned skin tone. This section will beall about helping you release that internal Latina goddess and learn how to make best use of the features you have.

We will also advise you to use the proper makeup brush and how to choose the right foundation color will help bring forth your real beauty. You have the chance to try something new, and beauty is all about what makes you feel more amazing.

Latina MakeupMi Hermana, your beauty is not only found in the color of your skin or your nice natural hair textures but within your inner spirit as well. Latina women have this inner confidence which lets them easily know that they are beautiful and they love to flaunt this beauty whenever they can. Latina beauty also combines other important values within their fashion and makeup such as community and family. Countless times when I go to the makeup isle I see teenage girls being given advice about makeup from either their mothers, sisters or cousins beauty is a whole family affair.

If you just starting out remember to have fun learning new makeup tips and techniques, you will make mistakes at first and as you experiment you will gain knowledge of what colors work best for your skin tone. Only through first failing and experimenting will you be able to gain that confidence in the future.

When I was getting into learning about Indian beauty skills such as how to contour my eyes Indian style it took me about a month and a frustrating month. But through continuous practice and dedication I am better at contouring the eyes Indian style then most Indian women I know.

I always also emphasis staying up to date with the fashion trends related to the specific community. You can do this by checking out some magazines both online and offline that follow the Latina trend. I would personally recommend this online Latina magazine to stay up to date on the latest in the world of Latina beauty.

Latina makeup colors for ultimate beauty

Latina Makeup Colors

Now let’s talk about the Latina makeup colors that will make you beautiful and compliment your skin tone. By reading this and being prepared beforehand you don’t have to be stressing out at the cosmetics counter wondering what colors to buy or what looks good on you. Below you will find several colors for lips, eyes and cheeks, plus a few makeup tips to help enhance your overall look.

The Latina makeup tips below are meant to act as a foundation of sort for you to try and start out with. In no way should you think you need to only use the set colors below as I said before the best forms of beauty normally require you to experiment here and there and see what works and what doesn’t. This is the only way to reach that level in your beauty and have that high level of confidence.

Lips: The listed colors generally are best suited and go best with ethnically Latina women: Sheer beiges, pinks, plums, brown plums, bright reds, deep reds, pink mauves, mauves. You should avoid any shade of orange or pink on the lips they will give you a very unnatural look but if you skin tone is pale then a shade a pink might be appropriate. But the best shade to apply for Latina women has to be bright red since this really shows of the lips and Latina women have beautiful fully developed lips.

If your skin tone is on the darker side, you should try out dark reds with blue undertones, deep plum, soft sheer shades of pink, and beige. For lighter skin tones, lipstick shades in peach, light/medium browns, pinks and gold work well.

Eyes: For makeup around the eyes, Latina’s look beautiful in shades of bronze, browns, coppers, burgundies, beiges, and gold. You also can’t go wrong with shades of gray, green, mauves, soft pink and silver. Yes, silver eyeshadow looks great on Latina’s especially when it reflects against the sun.

If you want to try something more different and are in the mood to experiment I would recommend you choose from light blue, wine or purple eyeshades to line your eyes, closer to the eyelashes. Dark gray works as a very good eyeliner as well!

You should do your best to generally avoid yellow or yellow tones eye shadow because they will make you look tired.

Cheeks: Colors such as plum and peach look very good on Latina women. If you feel like experimenting with your cheeks I recommend you try around different shades of pink from the darker and lighter tones. Because the right tone of pink really makes your cheeks shine and bring all the attention to those gorgeous cheeks.

For your blush choose darker colors and shades of pink they go very well with tanned skin tones and look much more natural.

If you’re not sure about what color combination you want to try on your face or just want to experiment with a new look, follow the following steps. You should look for a celebrity that has similar facial and body features as yourself its recommend you have friend’s help you here. And once you find those celebrities that might have lips similar to you or maybe has the same eyes look at their images and from that you can get an idea of what colors will suit you best and go good in combination together.

Now one final piece of advice for all you Latina beauties don’t let anyone tell you what works and what doesn’t. It’s up to you to experiment and try them out and determine if the makeup combination works or not.

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