Professional Makeup Brushes

Professional Makeup BrushesThis section on professional makeup brushes is included even though we alread have an article about cosmetic products because all women should know that the makeup they use is very important but even more important are the tools you use to apply it. Ever seen a woman and thought to yourself how she got her makeup so beautifully like that you might have even asked her about what products she uses and turns out it’s the same as yours. Using a professional makeup brush can be her secret this makes a big difference in how that makeup looks when applied. The right makup brush can make a really big diffrence and it doesnt matter what kind of look your going for it can be a professional, punk rock or even an Bollywood styled beauty look.I should clearly mention why most women avoid professional makeup brushes its simple it’s the price most women believe they can save on the brushes and spent a little extra on the makeup product itself. But there is a big difference between the results you will get using sponge-tip applicators and cotton balls, and a professional makeup brush. I will say you are better off using cheaper makeup products with a professional makeup brush. A professional makeup brush will make your makeup application results look more polished, and your friends will assume you hired a professional makeup artist!

You can find professional good quality makeup brushes anywhere from your local pharmacy to the mall. They come with a heavier price tag but generally they can be used easily for years to come and prove you with professional makeup results. Make sure you take proper care of your brush such as clean it at least once every couple weeks and make sure after washing you leave it to dry for at least 24 hours without use. I would recommend you check some of these out online as well we found some of the best prices repeatedly online and you get fast delivery as well.

The Best Makeup Brushes

I remember when I first started to search for the best makeup Makeup brushbrushes and was just blindly visiting the local cosmetics counter at the mall. I was trying out a more latina style look those days the ingenious sales clerk would give me a complex explanation of each brush and convinced me that I just had to have those brushes. I bought all the brushes that I was told I had to have and was home just trying them out for the next days. I remember not being able to use any of those so called professional best makeup brushes. I remember thinking if it was possible for me to return these brushes back to the store even though I already used or attempted to use these brushes. I’m sure most women reading this would able able to relate with my story.

Well thanks to lots of effort and using Youtube I was able to learn a lot and after about a couple of weeks I was able to use the main brushes pretty well. You will find a lot of brushes listed below don’t make the mistake I first made of thinking you need every single one I recommend you buy the essential ones and once your confident with them you move on to others if required.


Large Powder Brush: This is large fluffy brush which is used to dust on loose powder to set the foundation, or to dust on bronzing powder. It can also be used to brush off excess powder as well.
Small Powder/Blush Brush: This can be described as the smaller version of the Large Powder Brush above this brush is used to apply blush, sheer powder or bronzing powder. This is one of the most useful brushes in this whole list of the best makeup brushes.

Contour Brush: This brush has a very nice rounded-angle shape; this shape makes it very useful when working on the cheeks if you want to show off your cheeks more than this one is a must.

Wedge Sponges: A very nifty little brush that can get some of the trickiest jobs done very easily its especially good for those hard-to-reach areas such as around the nose, mouth or under the eyes.

Foundation Brush: As the name suggests this if for setting the foundation this brush can also be used to apply liquid foundation as well. The best part about this brush is that it does not absorb any foundation.

Cheek/Face Brush: This brush is a must have if you commonly use cream or gel blushes, this makeup brush will make you job of blending those products on your cheeks much easier.

Large Application Brush: Best used to apply concealer to large areas of the face other than that not much primary use.

Small Application Brush: Very similar to the Large Application Brush, but used to apply concealer type products to the smaller areas of the face.

Blending Brush: Best use in smoothing out the contour and can be used in place for other makeup brushes. This brush also has been stated as one of the most useful brushes in this list.

Angle Brush: This makeup brush has very firm bristles that are angled properly this brush is best used to fill in sparse and curvy areas of the eyebrows. If you regularly apply makeup around the eyebrow area this brush is highly recommended.

Shadow Brush: A very small and fine brush which is best used to sweep color all over the eyelid or to highlight the brow region to create a very good shadow look without all the hassle.

Smudge Brush:  Another very small and fine brush its excellent if you go for the smoky look around the eyes. This brush is also very good when applying makeup products under the eye lids and make the task much easier.

Lip Brush: As the name suggests its meant to apply lip makeup products on and around the lips. This is a must have for almost all women who apply women once you understand how to use this brush properly you will really enjoy this one.

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